Equipment & Capabilities


  • 2022 Trumpf Tru Laser 2030

    4kw Fiber Laser 5x10 Cutting System

  • 2022 Marvel/ Amada VT-4555 8-Mark II

    Vertical Band Saw with 16' Tiger Stop

  • 2022 Marvel/ Amada SV36

    Vertical Manual Bandsaw

  • 2023 Evolution S355MCS

    14" Mitering Chop Saw

  • 2019 Baliegh CS-275m

    11" Mitering Cold Saw

  • 2021 Tiger Stop

    16' Tiger Stop with Tiger Touch Cutto Length Automation

  • 2021 Tiger Stop Saw Gear

    Portable 8' Saw Gear Material Stop

  • 2023 Haas VF5-40XT

    3 Axis CNC Machining Center with 4th Axis

  • 2022 Haas DS30Y

    Dual Spindle Turning Center with War Feeder

  • 2021 Southwestern Industries Track Mill DPR RX5

    3 Axis CNC Tool Room Bed Mill

  • 2023 Southwestern Industries Track TRL 1630RX

    2 Axis CNC Tool Room Lathe

  • 2023 Flex Arm RE-16D

    Tapping Arm

  • 2021 Trumpf Tru Bend 2100

    110t CNC Press Brake

  • 2024 Naregsa MC550

    3" Roll Bender

  • 2016 Scotchman 6509-24M

    65t Iron Worker

  • 2023 Naregsa CC60

    2" Non Mandrel Rotary Tube and Pipe Bender

  • 2018 Baliegh RDB-100CE

    Manual Tube and Pipe Bender

  • 2019 Baliegh PR-510

    10g x 60" Plate Roll

  • 2017 Hougen 75005

    Electro Hydraulic Hole Punch

  • 2023 Haeger 824 OneTouch 5e Lite

    8 Ton PEM / Self Cinching Fastener Inserter with Twin Auto Feed

  • 2021 Burr Kink 760-E

    2" 3 Wheel Belt Grinder

  • 2021 Burr King 960-E

    4" 3 Wheel Belt Grinder

  • 2021 Burr King 1001-E

    Dual Spindle Buffer / Polisher

  • 2022 Blast Cabinet

    Pneumatic Bead Blast Cabinet

  • 2024 IPG LightWELD XR 1500

    1500W Laser Welder

  • 2018 Miller 211

    Portable Mig Welder

  • 2016 Miller 252 (x2)

    Mig Welder

  • 2022 Miller 255

    Multiprocess Welder

  • 2022 Fronius 3000-C (x3)

    Multiprocess Welder

  • 2022 Techna 4666

    Precision Spot Welder

  • 2018 Miller Diversion 180

    TIG Welder

  • 2022 Stronghand/ Buildpro TMQ59648 48 x 48

    MAX Welding Table 48 x 48

  • 2022 Stronghand/ Buildpro TMQ59648 48 x 96 (x2)

    MAX Welding Table 48 x 96

  • Royce 5tx 100'

    5t Overhead Gantry Crane

  • 2022 Schmalz VM750

    750kg Vacuum Lift

  • 2022 Universal Robots UR-10E

    12kg Cobot / Press Brake Tending / Welding

  • 2016 Toyota Core IC 5k

    5k Cushion Tire Propane Forklift

  • Autodesk Autocad 2023

    2D & 3D CAD Software

  • Dassault Systems Solidworks 2023

    2D & 3D CAD Software

  • Dassault Systems Draftsight 2023

    3D CAD and Modeling Software

  • Trumpf TruTops Boost - Laser, Bend, Fab and Calculate 2022

    Integrated Laser Cutting, Bend, Fab and Calculate

  • Mastercam 2023

    CAD / CAM Software for Machining

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium


Industresource has been developed as a custom job shop for metal fabrication. We pride ourselves in the ability to build to a precise specification and / or the ability to collaborate on product development and product design from concept to reality. By investing in the latest in machining technology and software, we strive to offer a wide variety of services to a wide variety of potential customers. Industresource is rooted originally as a leading supplier of CNC equipment and service, so our focus on investing in industry best technology and equipment and maintaining that equipment will be evident in the quality and reliability you will come to expect from Industresource. As with any winning organization, this equipment is driven by a Team of individuals that are committed to our mutual success.

Industresource not only offers precision sheet metal parts, we also offer structural steel fabrication to offer component work or completed assemblies. Compliment that with our large team of field installers, we are confident that we can offer a solution to meet most metal fabrication requests. Please review our list of equipment and capabilities and stay tuned as we continue to diversify our offering for your metal fabrication needs.


skilled workers and quality materials come together. Our team handles projects ranging from heavy structural elements to intricate components. We focus on creating strong, long-lasting products. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures reliability in every piece we assemble.


Our installation services extend the expertise from our shop floor to your site. We ensure that each assembled product is installed with the utmost precision and care. Whether it involves complex structural components or detailed fittings, our focus is on secure, efficient, and lasting installation.

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